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Our Philosophies In Business

Experiences with clients over several decades have led to a deep sense of conviction and intentionality.

  • In a day when so much business is simply a transaction, we will invest time to get to know each other. By hearing your vision for your dream future, and beginning with a draft plan, we develop an action timeline together. This allows us to determine whether we should establish a client/advisor relationship.
  • Financial products are just tools in the toolbox. Without the foundation of a plan, dreamed in brilliant colors and put into a crystal clear vision, it is difficult to pick the right financial solutions for anyone’s situation.
  • “Mass Customization” is an oxymoron. Creating personalized, customized plans is time consuming...but this is what clients desire and deserve.
  • The words “comprehensive” and “holistic” are much overused in the financial planning world. However, the most successful plan will strive to consider all factors (i.e. tax, estate, business, personal, investments, insurance, etc.), along with the universe of strategies available for each client scenario.
  • No one advisor has all of the answers. Our team includes experts in the areas of estate, business, tax efficient strategies, incapacity planning, and more. Additionally, collaboration with your attorney and accountant produces the best results.